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The Tree House is an episode of the ALVINNN!!! and The Chipmunks series.


While cleaning out their treehouse, the girls remember how they saved the tree from being cut down, and made it their home.[3]


The Chipettes are preparing to do some spring cleaning when an image takes them back to their life prior to living in their tree house. The girls are with The Chipmunks in the tree until Mr. Crabble, the current owner, arrives. Everyone scrambles out, except for Jeanette who gets stuck. After Alvin creates a diversion, Jeanette joins and informs everyone she saw him poisoning the tree. Everyone decides to do some undercover work to collect more information. Alvin insists Simon use the equipment to make the experience fun and for them to wear hazmat suits when they approach the tree. They are caught and Mr. Crabble makes clear he wants to get rid of the tree. That night Jeanette spends time with the tree, and the next morning, is convinced the tree wants her to protect the tree so she stays despite the neighbor's attempts to get rid of her. Needing a basic structure to live in, they create a wooden platform. An officer orders her to come down, but Simon reminds him of the town's bylaws. As they wait for a test, Alvin is fascinated by the officer's walky-talky. The tree passes the final test and Mr. Crabble is given a fine. Back in the present, a lady from the Home Beautification Awards takes a picture of them in their tree house.




  • This episode reveals that The Chipettes used to live with The Chipmunks before living in their treehouse.
  • This is the first appearance of Officer Dangus.
  • Alvin's line "1-Alvin-12." while using Officer Dangus' walky-talky is a reference to the series Adam-12.
  • Goof: Officer Dangus's walky-talky reappears on his belt despite Alvin having not yet given it back.
  • When this episode premiered in the US, it aired with a rerun of My Sister The Weirdo.
  • Part of the Back to School DVD.


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