The Toy is an episode of the ALVINNN!!! and The Chipmunks series.


A favorite toy of Theodore's is lost on a rafting trip but then mysteriously shows up at the house, and it's alive.[2]




  • Disney's Pinocchio is referenced in this episode, mentioned by Theodore.
    • Then later by Simon.
  • T2 also appeared in the season one episode A Room of One's Own, and in the season two episode Monster Madness.
  • The toy cat that Dave found in the electrical box in Good Luck Mr. Whiskers, the stuffed elk Alvin won in Something's Fishy, the rubber duck from Switch Witch, the toy plane from Wish Upon A Star, the small teddy from Germs, and the robot toy from The Paperboy all make brief reappearances.
  • Alvin's comment to Theodore, "Loco en la cabeza." is Spanish for "Crazy in the head."
  • This episode shares some similarities Disney-Pixar's Toy Story.
    • Ironically, this episode was aired in the US only one day before Toy Story 4 was released in theaters.
  • The song in this episode was written by AwkwardMarina.


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