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The Tour is an episode of the ALVINNN!!! and The Chipmunks series. This is also the series finale.


The Chipmunks can't wait to kick off their world tour, until Theodore and Alvin realize what they'll be leaving behind.[1]




  • The Bus from Tour Bus makes its first reappearance as well as its final appearance.
  • Ross Bagdasarian is mentioned.
  • This is the first and so far, only episode of the series to feature the entire cast of characters.
  • Alvin is the only character to appear in every episode of the series.
  • This episode serves as the series finale, since in December 2023, producer Ross Bagdasarian stated in a phone interview that the series had ended production the year prior, and the planned sixth and seventh seasons for the series were cancelled as a result.
  • Dave talks to Alvin about the moment from Principal Interest.


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