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The Three Chipmunks Cross Country Game is a board game with the goal of learning the United States, featuring the pre-The Alvin Show characters.


  • Gameboard
  • Spinner
  • 20 Travel Cards
  • Three playing pieces


The Three Chipmunks Cross Country Game Board

Object of Game[]

To be the first player to complete a round trip from New York to California.

Starting the Game[]

Place the 20 travel cards face down on the Gameboard. Place the playing pieces on the "Start" space. You will notice there are three different routes of travel across the country on your gameboard. The Northern route, the Central route and the Southern route. Each player spins the arrow. The one scoring the highest number has the first choice of which route to travel. The second highest chooses second and the third highest travels the remaining route.

Playing the Game[]

The player who scored the highest number starts first. Spin the arrow and move your playing piece the number of spaces you have scored on your route of travel. Each player follows the same procedure in turn. Whenever a player lands on a red spot, he picks a travel card and follows the directions on the card. He then replaces the card face down on the bottom of the pile. The game is continues in this manner until a player has completed a roundtrip. The first player to complete a roundtrip is the winner.