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The Three Chipmunks Big Record Game is a board game with the goal of reaching the center of the record first, featuring the pre-The Alvin Show characters.


  • Gameboard
  • Spinner
  • 32 instruction cards
  • Four playing pieces


The Three Chipmunks Big Record Game Board

Object of Game[]

To be the first player to enter "Big Record" circle.

Starting the Game[]

Place playing pieces on "Start" space. Separate the instruction cards to the four categories and place them face down in proper spots on the gameboard. Each player spins the arrow. The player scoring the highest number starts first. The second highest goes second and so on.

Playing the Game[]

The player who goes first spins the dial and moves his playing piece in the direction of the arrow the number of spaces indicated. Whenever you land on a space where there are instructions, you must follow them immediately.

When you completed going around the first turn of the record and you move into the "Recording Studio" lane, you must follow the instructions noted on the cards when you land on a space that tells you to pick a card. You now pick a card that corresponds to the lane you are in. If you are in the "Radio Station" land and you land on a space that directs you to pick a "Radio Station" card, you follow the directions on the card and replace it on the bottom of the pile face down. Follow the same procedure for all the lanes on the "record."

The first player to enter the "Big Record" circle is the winner.