The Three Chipmunks Acorn Hunt Game is a board game with the goal of collecting the most acorns, featuring the pre-The Alvin Show characters.


  • Gameboard
  • Spinner
  • Three plastic tree stumps
  • Three playing pieces
  • Card of perforated acorns


The Three Chipmunks Acorn Hunt Game Board

Object of Game

To finish game with the most acorns.

Starting the Game

Place the three tree stumps on the circles at the top of the gameboard. Push out the acorns and place them in a pile on the table. Each player takes a playing piece and places it on the "Start" space. Players spin the arrow. The one scoring the highest number selects one of the tree stumps he will use to hide his acorns under. Second highest selects the second stump and the third highest has the remaining one.

Playing the Game

The player who scored the highest number starts first. Spin the arrow and move your playing piece the number of spots indicated by the arrow. Each time you land on a space where there are directions, you must follow these directions immediately.


When you land on a spot that tells you to "Take 3 Acorns," take three acorns from the pile of acorns and place them under your tree stump.

Should you land on a spot that tells you "Lose 2 Acorns" remove two acorns from your tree stump and put them back on the pile. When you land on "Lose Acorns" spots and don't have any acorns, you simply wait until you have won a few and can replace the number you have lost in the pile.

When players reach the top of the gameboard, where the trail branches out into three different trails, each player follows the trail that takes him to his own tree stump. When all the players have reached their own tree stump, they count their acorns. Player with the most acorns is the winner.

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