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The Three Chipmunks is the first comic issue, released by Dell Comics, featuring Alvin and the Chipmunks and was originally sold for ten cents.



The Three Chipmunks - The Musician's Agent - 1 page
Dave promises The Chipmunks a job in the top musical theater though their performance is cut short for it features a harmonica and isn't a classic song. Later, the boys have the job of cleaning trash off the theater floor.
The Three Chipmunks - The Troublesome Trio - 8 pages
Dave and The Chipmunks are making their way to Professor Pitch, the best voice teacher, though Dave doesn't approve of Alvin taking his harmonica as it annoys the professor. Alvin takes back his harmonica in order to cross a busy street. The harmonica sounds like a fire engine siren, and when the traffic officer spots him, he chases the group to the voice school. The officer leaves under the condition Alvin doesn't interrupt traffic again. Inside the school, Professor Pitch tests the boys' voices with a candle. Passing, Alvin takes out his harmonica only to see it thrown out the window. He pulls it back and the brothers move to the stage to prepare. Alvin disappears to the balcony where he plays his harmonica, earning him extra vocal practice. That night, Alvin outsmarts the professor by hiding his harmonica, but when the boys preform, Alvin lost his voice due to the extra practicing so he plays his harmonica. Fortunately the performance helps the professor's school.
The Three Chipmunks - The Record Request - 6 pages
The Record Request Scene Illustration
Dave walks out of a TV Studio disappointed that Hy Platters, the disc jockey, wouldn't play The Chipmunks' new record Harmonica Madness. Alvin takes the record to try again and once the jockey declines, Alvin attempts to slip in the record. Unfortunately he breaks a stack of them and is kicked out. Alvin comes up with the idea to phone in requests for the record; nearly convinced the play it, the jockey spots Dave and the boys phoning in requests. Coming up with a new idea, Alvin enters a record store to buy the number one record before pealing off the label to attach it their record. Alvin delivers it to Hy, who plays the record briefly on his show before breaking it. Soon after, a mob forms requesting Harmonica Madness. Dave rushes to press the records while the boys preform. When he returns, the crowd's interest is gone and Alvin makes money on the records by using them for a carnival game.
The Three Chipmunks - The Haunted Harmonica - 6 pages
The Haunted Harmonica Scene Illustration
Annoyed Alvin woke them up early on a day they could have slept in, Simon grabs Alvin's harmonica and throws it into an old haunted house. Alvin attempts to be brave to retrieve it only to be scared away. Dave notices Alvin's glum and learns of what his brothers did. That night, each of the brothers sneak away separately to look for the harmonica in the spooky building. Despite hearing noises inside, they explore until they bump into each other and run out in terror. They enter again with a common goal, and when they do, they hear Alvin's harmonica playing. Upset, Alvin trips the player, learning it's just Dave. Back in the boys' bedroom, Alvin plays his harmonica though this time within the confines of a soundproof, glass box.
The Three Chipmunks - Happy Birthday - 6 pages
Happy Birthday Scene Illustration
Dave informs the boys that they can make more money by singing "Happy Birthday" to people. He gives them their first customer and after they practice, the trio sings the song. Mr. Brooks is happy and wants to thank his wife; unfortunately he walks in early to his surprise party because The Chipmunks sung earlier than they were instructed to. Despite Dave being upset, he gives the boys a book for Mr. Jones, another customer to sing to. They stumble into a man walking down the street, dropping the book. They pick up the wrong book and follow the note's instructions to go to the library. They sing to the only man in the building though it's the wrong person. Dave later takes them to a birthday party so they don't mess the song up though when Dave steps out for a moment, they ruin the cake and toys. Done with ruining parties, Dave has them sing by phone instead.
The Three Chipmunks - The Clean Up Campaign - 6 pages
The Clean Up Campaign Scene Illustration
The Chipmunks walk down the street when an officer arrests Alvin for littering and brings him in front of a judge. The judge waves the fine under the condition that the boys go out and clean whatever needs cleaning. Their first stop is cleaning the mayor's dirty office window though they discover him sleeping. Running from the mayor when he wakes, they notice a man littering. When the man runs away as a cop approaches, the brothers grab the bag and run as they think the policeman's after them. When they stop, a couple officers argue over where the boys are going though Alvin attempts to inform them the bank was robbed. Their next act is to repaint the center line of the road. All goes well until Alvin hits a bump causing a pile up of cars. Back in the judge's office, the judge reverts his sentence and orders them not to clean things up.
The Three Chipmunks - An Ill Wind - 1 page
Simon and Theodore are leaving for school though Alvin wishes to stay home to practice his harmonica playing. Once they leave, Alvin's sheet music flies out the window, with Alvin in pursuit, and down the street until stopping at Simon outside the school entrance.
The Three Chipmunks - No Sale - 1 page
The Chipmunks walk into a record store and one by one appear to be previewing multiple records, to the delight of the salesman. The salesman checks on them to find the boys stacking the records to form a tower instead of listening to them.



  • The Musician's Agent and An Ill Wind were published in black and white.
  • No Sale has no dialogue.

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