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The Temp is an episode of the ALVINNN!!! and The Chipmunks series.


When Brittany hurts her foot, Jeanette takes her place as the principal's assistant.[1]


Brittany runs down the hallway to Principal Meadows's office to drop off paperwork before rushing off and colliding with Simon. While disagreeing over running in the hallway, Brittany falls in pain from her ankle. Miss Smith grills her and the Principal begins looking for a temporary replacement. Unable to find anyone, Principal Meadows asks Brittany for recommendations over the phone only for Brittany to later learn she accidentally chose Jeanette. Doubting Jeanette's abilities, Brittany has a nightmare reinforcing the idea and decides to borrow the Munkmobile to get to school, spending the entire night organizing paperwork. The Chipmunks and her siblings go to dinner with Dave and Brittany takes Simon's jetpack to clean Principal Meadows's Office again. When Brittany loses access to Simon's locked rooms she begins using whatever other modes of transport she can find, including Alvin's car and Simon's robot bodyguard. As she uses their things, they argue over mysterious use and damages. Irritated, Alvin calls a group meeting as Jeanette arrives frustrated someone is reorganizing all her hard work. Brittany finally confesses she's to blame for everything and that she didn't actually recommend Jeanette. Principal Meadows informs her that Jeanette thinks differently but is still very smart and gets things done. At the Parent Teacher Conference, Brittany makes amends with her sister though Alvin's convinced she's covering for someone.




  • Two of Simon's hidden areas make a reappearance: the Sub-Closet Room and the Basement Room.
  • Goof: Neither of the combinations used to enter Simon's hidden rooms were on the paper Brittany discovered (unless the passwords were encoded).
  • Harmony the Home Harmonizer, from The App, makes a cameo reappearance.
  • Goof: Dave stated at the end of the episode The App he returned Harmony to the factory yet Brittany found it in the basement.
  • Conquistadora aka Cupcake, Simon's bodyguard from Bully For You, also makes a reappearance.
  • When this episode premiered in the US, it aired with a rerun of Save The Dance.


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