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The Sub is an episode of the ALVINNN!!! and The Chipmunks series.


When Alvin signs up to teach an after school music class, he is treated differently by his classmates.[3]


Seeking to no longer ride the bus and to impress Chloe, Alvin proclaims he will only be taking his car to school from now on. That is until an officer arrives to impound it for failure to pay numerous tickets. Alvin pleads to Dave to pay his fine but is given the option to do extra work or volunteer instead. Back at school, Alvin spots a poster advertising a music teaching position. Miss Smith, in charge of choosing the volunteer, doesn't see Alvin as teacher material, though she reluctantly gives Alvin a chance given no one else has applied. On his first day, Alvin is turned down for Chloe's pool party, hit with balls of paper, and laughed at. Following a teacher-student conference with Simon, Alvin decides to feed the "primal animals" with cake and a class party. Tired of the continuous partying, Simon stands up to Alvin only to get in trouble for "lack of participation". Alvin and Dave have a parent-teacher conference and Simon is punished with a writing assignment. Brittany excitedly tests her new P.A. system to inform Alvin that Officer Dangus is at the school with his car. Since his nephew told him Alvin's yet to teach them a song, Dangus refuses to give back the vehicle until he does so. A couple days later, the class performs a song poorly and Dangus isn't impressed, only giving Alvin a wheel. To get the rest, Alvin must extend the class and teach everyone four songs. Meanwhile, the students arrive at the Seville House to have a party, much to the frustration of Dave.




  • This episode confirms that Alvin is indeed the second born of the three chipmunks in this series when he says to Dave "You're not very nice to the middle one," clearly talking about himself. Their age order would also be referenced later in the season four episode Big Bro Theodore.
  • When this episode premiered in the US, it aired with a rerun of Super Heroes.


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