The Return Of Uncle Adventure is an episode of The Chipmunks series.


The Chipmunks are called on a cruise to perform and entertain the ship's passengers, but it turns out that all of them are old. The Chipmunks start to play a set of old songs when suddenly Uncle "Adventure" Willy, parachuting from a plane, boards on the ship. Seeing that the brothers are bored, Uncle Adventure decides to take them on an adventure. After he showed them a map, which leads to the Fountain of Youth located on an island not too far from them, they take a shallop and, once reached the island, start exploring it. In no time, Uncle Adventure falls into a trap and the boys are kidnapped by a gang of babies. The elderly passengers, who didn't join the previous group on their trip, begin worrying so they decide to rescue them by going onto the island too. Uncle Adventure and the three chipmunks are saved and the baby gang shows them the Fountain of Youth, which is empty! Eventually, Dave arrives on the island as well as he'd been warned by the cruise ship captain about the disappearance of his sons. When he rescues the four, Alvin laments failing to find the Fountain of Youth, but Uncle Willy everyone has to age. Willy also says the reasons for the Fountain's emptiness, there was a race of fierce cannibals who drank the water and turned into the baby gang they met earlier, which is probably for the best!



  • "La Bamba" originally performed by Ritchie Valens.


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