The Princess and the Pig is an episode of The Chipmunks series.


Brittany is made to spend her summer helping out on a farm, which she detests. However, she soon learns the dangers of chemically altering crops and that ugly fruit does not equal bad fruit. The farm is owned by immigrants who speak broken English, and are looking to retire by selling their farm to Mr. Snide, who has plans to chemically modify crops but lies to the couple that he will continue their natural ways. Brittany learns of this, but her warnings are not understood by the married couple, who think she is playing charades. The sale is about to be finalized, but the farm animals come to the rescue by smashing the barn doors and revealing Mr. Snide owns a crop duster equipped with dangerous chemicals. Outraged at being lied to, the couple declines sale and the farm stays in their hands. Brittany is thanked, but when Brittany says the credit goes to her animal friends, Eleanor and Jeanette, who have arrived to take her back home, dismiss it as too much time out in the country.





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