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The Picture of Health is an episode of the Alvin and the Chipmunks series.


Wanting to look good for their new album promotion, Alvin decides that they all need to join a gym. In order to get in the External Youth Spa for free, they dress up as 100 year old men. They quickly work up the intensity of their workouts, even increasing the activity of the other elderly there. When the receptionist tells them they have been selected to appear on a talk show as spokespersons for senior citizens, Alvin tells everyone they will make the show. On the show and to Dave they are outed as fakes, but the seniors are not mad since the boys have inspired them to be more active.




  • Alvin states that him and his brothers are 10 years old as he says that they will be 100 in 90 years.
  • Part of the Easter Collection DVD.


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