The Phantom is an episode of The Chipmunks series.


Dave, entering his home, finds The Chipmunks playing Heavy Metal music. Dave explains his disapproval about that kind of music since he's convinced that is a musical genre composed only by loudness. When he finds a leaflet which informs about a Heavy Metal contest, Dave decides to participate in order to demonstrate how playing that kind of music can be easy. Unexpectedly, the experiment is a success and Dave becomes a rock star: The Phantom. He starts performing in concerts and events trying at the same time not to be discovered by his sons. Despite this success, the rock star career avoids Dave to spend time with his guys, so he decides to abandon Heavy Metal after his last concert. But the Chipmunks are fans of The Phantom and they ask Dave to accompany them at the concert. He accepts and at the beginning of the show he leaves the audience, dresses up and starts playing. At the end of the concert the Chipmunks, unable to find Dave, decide to look for him in the backstage. They find him and they discover he is The Phantom. Eventually, Dave explains all the story to the guys.




  • Released on VHS in the U.K.


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