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The New Kid is an episode of the ALVINNN!!! and The Chipmunks series.


Alvin befriends a new student, but Theodore learns something about him.[3]


After Alvin shows off a skateboarding trick for personal charity, Simon expresses his disapproval of Alvin's selfishness. To prove him wrong, Alvin decides to teach Emil, a new foreign student with limited English, how to be like him. To return the favor, Emil agrees to create a painting of Jenny for Alvin to give as a gift. In order to do so, he needs her school ID which he takes out of her purse at lunch. Theodore witnesses the theft and is upset. While Alvin shows Dave a horde of camera pictures of himself and Emil, Simon quickly pulls him away pleading for him to be quiet until there's more proof to avoid breaking Alvin's heart. Theodore attempts to see if Jenny has her wallet only to be embarrassed. Soon after Simon tells him to let it go, Theodore confronts Emil. Emil explains the situation to Alvin, who labels Theodore the school bully, and gives him advice on how to deal with his abuse. In the hall, the youngest chipmunk mistakenly overhears a phone call which leads to a computer search revealing there's an Emil wanted in three countries. Needing more proof, Theodore calls Emil "Bobby" (the criminal's real name) only for Emil to take it as an insult and Alvin to give him additional advice to bully his brother. Simon and Theo are frightened by the encounter so Simon calls the FBI. They are scared to death of Emil's surprise only for it to be a couple paintings. Following Emil going back to his country, to the disappointment of Alvin, the FBI arrive to confirm the identity of Emil.




  • When this episode premiered in the US, it aired with a rerun of Members Only.


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