The Mystery of Seville Manor is an episode of the Alvin and the Chipmunks series.


After arriving in London for their concert, the boys split up to see the British Museum, the Queen's favorite bakery, and the Tower of London leaving Dave by himself. Once together again, Alvin believes that they are the lost heirs of the Seville fortune so they set out to the Seville Manor, by rowboat, to investigate if they have any relation to the man who owned it. At the manor a creepy butler greets them and they begin exploring. Alvin throws a gauntlet that hits a bear causing it to chase Theodore. A knight joins until they disappear through bookcase doors. Right outside those doors, the boys discover a Seville family tree and realize they are heirs to the Seville estate. Back on the mainland they discover that over 300 years of taxes and maintenance on the Manor left only six cents as their inheritance and Lord Sidney Seville is his full name, so their is noble title. Alvin is devastated and in tears until he sees a church named St. Alvin and believes he is a saint.




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