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The Jokester, an alternative identity of Alvin Seville, is the main antagonist in The Chipmunks Go to the Movies episode Batmunk.


The Jokester is always dressed like a circus clown in the same outfit, a purple jacket with orange stripes and green trim on the collars with a joke flower, a Red Ribbon bow tie, lime green trousers and long yellow floppy shoes. He also always wore a purple hat which was a reference to Alvin's original red cap.


The Jokester was the arch-enemy of Batmunk determined to make his toys the most popular and became constantly infuriated that Batmunk's toys were better.

His hideout was at an old abandoned amusement park called Fun Land Park in a closed down fun house arcade where he could plan his latest schemes with his three clown henchmen Moe, Curly and Chuckles.

He had a fondness for practical jokes, this is shown when he sprays Chuckles with his squirting flower and laughs after he goes straight through the wall.


  • Alvin's character was based on the well-known villain in the 1989 Batman movie, The Joker.
  • At the very beginning of the episode, before The Chipmunks start watching the movie, Alvin says: "Heroes are okay, but the villains have more fun." which was a clue that he would play the villain.