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The Gift is an episode of the ALVINNN!!! and The Chipmunks series.


Theodore gives Dave an ugly handmade vest for his birthday and insists he wear it to an upcoming business meeting.[1]


Dave's birthday is tomorrow and while Simon and Theodore have gotten gifts for Dave, Alvin forgot so he asks Theodore if he can share the gift he made with him and Theodore reluctantly agrees. Alvin and Theodore give "their" present to Dave, but when Dave opens it to find an ugly homemade sweater made by Theodore, Alvin suddenly declares that the gift was completely from Theodore. Dave believes it's a flag or a curtain until Theo corrects him and encourages him to try it on. Dave, not wanting to be rude to Theodore, complements his sweater. Meanwhile, Alvin returns from upstairs bringing back his "gift" of chewing gum. The Chipettes arrive with presents and are surprised by Theodore's gift on Dave. The next day, Dave informs The Chipmunks he has a meeting with the agent of Joelle, a very popular singer, who's looking for song writers. As he is leaving, Theodore asks him to put his sweater on, which Dave misplaced and Theodore retrieved. The boys later stumble upon Dave in a restaurant without his sweater and Theodore gets worried. When Dave exits the restaurant, he informs Theodore he put the sweater in the car's trunk for safe-keeping against spaghetti sauce. The elder 'munks confront Dave and agree to "take care of it" for him. Throughout the day they attempt to ruin the sweater, but Theodore protects it. The next morning, The Chipettes accidentally shrunk and dyed the sweater when they did their laundry, completely ruining it, but Dave, thinking of all the work Theodore must of put into making the gift, decides to wear it anyways regardless of whether or not he's laughed at. Dave leaves for a business meeting with the singer and finds that Joelle herself is wearing a homemade sweater. Back at the Seville House, Dave learns Theodore made a sweater for Alvin and plans to make Simon one too.




  • Goof: When the Chipettes offer their opinions on Theodore's vest, Brittany's shoes aren't the same height.
  • When Dave is going through the ringtone music on his phone, the ringtones briefly play the beginning instrumentals of "Lady Luck," "Ooh Girl," "With My Eyes Closed," "Ring a Ding" and "I See You."
  • Alvin said in Clowning Around that one of Theodore's fears is "big dogs," yet in this episode Theodore bravely scares off three of them.
  • Goof: As Dave turns to leave the Seville House for his meeting, his vest is briefly embedded in his left shoulder.
  • When this episode premiered in the US, it aired with a re-run of The Wall.

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