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The Devil Wears Rodentia is an episode of the ALVINNN!!! and The Chipmunks series.


Brittany's dream of being a fashion designer turns into a nightmare when she gets a job and her ideas are stolen. [citation needed]


The Chipettes check out various dresses at Marina Rodenchia's shop while The Chipmunks, who were tricked into tagging along, are bored out of their minds. Marina walks in as Brittany expresses her ideas to improve a skirt and offers Brittany an opportunity to create her own designs for the store as an creative assistant. That evening, everyone hangs out in The Chipettes' Treehouse playing a board game as Brittany works on a design and Alvin makes an argument for becoming a model. A limo arrives for Brittany the following morning before stopping to pick up Marina's coffee. At the shop Marina takes the coffee and ignores her designs; unsatisfied, she throws the coffee across the room. Brittany's left alone to clean the floor and the rest of the shop when Alvin arrives hoping to ask Marina to model for them. Tirelessly Brittany tries to make everything perfect for Marina though she refuses to make any effort to review the designs her assistant worked into the night to create. Fed up with Marina's behavior, Brittany holds her coffee hostage until she takes a look at Brittany's new fashion line supporting all body types but finds herself sent home for a few days by her angry boss. Meanwhile, Alvin creates his own clothing designs for a new pair of pants and hoodie. Brittany returns home in tears though hides the real reason for it from her sisters. Having forgotten her designs, Brittany returns to the shop only to overhear Marina pitching her designs as if they were her own. She confronts her terrible boss and quits. Brittany decides to start her own fashion line prior to learning Marina offered Alvin the same job.





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