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The Crush is an episode of the ALVINNN!!! and The Chipmunks series.


Simon has a crush on the babysitter and secretly prepares a romantic dinner while Theodore keeps Alvin distracted.[2]


Dave is going to an all-day event lasting late into the evening so he plans on The Chipmunks having a babysitter. Alvin is against the idea, but Dave sticks to his guns because the last time, he came home to a National Guard. Alvin comes downstairs to tell his brothers; Theodore is pumped while Simon is bummed out about the idea until Alvin reveals that the babysitter is Mandi, passing off his support for additional supervision for their younger brother. After Simon's strange behavior, Theodore follows Simon outside and sees him picking flowers. Simon reveals he's had a crush on Mandi since last year because she of her smarts and he makes Theodore promise to keep it a secret, especially from Alvin since Alvin's always dismissive of the girls he's liked. Theodore wants to help so Simon lets him cook dinner before helping to set the table, freshen up and pick out an outfit to wear. He greets her at the door and, in his daze, agrees that he's "Steven", for she doesn't remember his name. Before Dave leaves he talks with The Chipmunks about his desire not to come home to any disasters and provides a list of phone numbers (including SWAT) to Mandi. As Simon finishes preparing dinner and Mandi talks on the phone, Theodore is instructed to keep Alvin busy. Upstairs Theodore fakes a sighting of Metamonster, from a comic Alvin's reading, outside and the two gear up to investigate. They give it their best shot though find they aren't cut out for tracking Metamonster without Simon. On the way back inside Alvin spots Simon inside dressed up inviting Mandi to have dinner with him. She declines and Simon is on the verge of tears before Alvin comforts him, letting him know that Simon deserves way better than Mandi because of her lack of sympathy. When Alvin offers Simon to join him and Theodore in looking for Metamonster, he is delighted with the idea.




  • Simon's techno outfit from Father Daughter Dance makes a reappearance.
  • The other girls Simon had a crush on in this episode were Pamela D, Pamela Glockenslocker & Candi.
  • Pamela Glockenslocker was first mentioned as Simon's crush by Alvin in IHear.
  • This episode has some similarities to the 80’s episode New, Improved Simon.
  • This episode is likely the first half to the Season Five episode, Love Song.


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