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The Chipmunks Camp Out is an Alvin and the Chipmunks sniffy book based on the Alvin and the Chipmunks episode Swiss Family Chipmunks.


Sniff the scents of good times when The Chipmunks Camp Out.


In order to get some fresh air and exercise, Dave takes The Chipmunks on a camping trip. The boys mention the hard work involved when Dave claims it'll be fun as they hike in, set up a tent, and collect firewood for their camp. Dave suggests going on a hike, with their first smell being the pine forest. Theodore excitedly finds some honeycomb only to learn it belongs to a bear who retrieved it out of a tree. The bear chases him, but after he trips tossing the honey back to the bear, he stumbles into a blueberry bush. The trio enjoys tasty berries before Dave leads them to the top of the mountain with a wonderful view of the landscape. Suddenly, a cloud of mosquitos appear and Dave pulls out some insect repellant to deter them with its smell. Back at camp, the boys collect more firewood, generating complains from Alvin, though the smell of wood smoke soon fills the air. Dave cooks beans for dinner and fresh popcorn for desert prior to finishing the night off with songs and Alvin's harmonica around the fire.



  • The book is held together with a yellow plastic, spiral binding.
  • The six featured scratch and sniff label scents include a pine tree, honey, blueberries, insect repellent, smoke, and popcorn.


The book was illustrated by A. O. Williams.

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