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The Chipmunks, also known as Alvin and the Chipmunks, are a musical group which consists of Alvin, Simon, and Theodore. The Chipmunks have been known for taking songs in style and munking them.


Alvin Seville

Alvin is the leader of the group and he claims himself the "awesomest" one when in fact that is his way of getting into trouble. Alvin has often seen wearing a red sweatshirt with a giant yellow 'A' on the front and a red cap. Alvin is not the tallest, like Brittany. He and Brittany have a love-hate relationship. Alvin loves to have fun and is adventurous but he is not cautious. Unlike Brittany, Alvin never loses his temper under every circumstance even if he and the boys face trouble. Like being stuck on a tropical island in Chipwrecked. However, it is noted that he does get mad at Simone for not listening to him. His main instruments while performing with The Chipmunks are the electric guitar, the acoustic guitar, the piano, and the harmonica.

Simon Seville

Simon is the tallest of the boys and the Chipettes. Simon is often been pictured in a blue (yellow in the Dell comics) sweatshirt, glasses, and often with a book in his hands. Just like Jeanette, he is the tallest and the smartest, however, he's slightly taller than her. He and Jeanette have a good relationship but, due to their shy nature, are afraid to show it. In Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked, his affection is more clearly shown after a spider's bite changes Simon into a romantic, fun-loving Simone. His main instruments while performing with The Chipmunks are the bass guitar, the keyboard, the piano, the saxophone, the mandolin and the tuba.

Theodore Seville

Theodore is the youngest and the sweet one. He is often seen wearing a green sweatshirt with his teddy bear or a food in his hands. Along with his sweet personality, he is also kind and friendly, just like Eleanor. He and Eleanor have a friendly relationship which they are not shy about. His main instruments while performing with The Chipmunks are the drums, the bongos, the maracas, the tambourine and the triangle.


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