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The Chipette Story is an episode of the Alvin and the Chipmunks series.


The Chipettes begin the episode singing at a concert, and once it's over, The Chipmunks remind them of a big party at their house happening later. The producer tells them that someone is here to see them and shows them a gold bracelet. The girls run out the door and see Olivia. Everyone is overjoyed, but Olivia asks why the girls ran away. Brittany informs her that they didn't and explains what really happened.

Several years ago, Miss Grudge, the owner of an orphanage, was forcing children to sing. Olivia finds Eleanor in a cup of water, Jeanette playing with her spider friend Herman, and Brittany in Eva's jewelry box singing (which they are not allowed to do, or Miss Grudge would keep them at the orphanage forever). That night, Miss Grudge makes Olivia scrub the bathroom with the Chipettes' help hoping that they one day can go to America, which Olivia says is a land of opportunity and liberty. After hours of cleaning, Olivia doesn't get any sleep and is forced to give up her charm bracelet so Eva wouldn't tell that the Chipettes sing. After finding out, the girls try to get Olivia's bracelet back, which ends up getting Olivia in trouble and causing them to accidentally reveal who they are. Olivia then gets adopted, but is unable to find the girls. Unbeknownst to her, they've been both bound and gagged and locked away by Eva and Miss Grudge, and can only watch as Olivia leaves with her new parents.

Brittany Jeanette, and Eleanor try to cheer up by singing "Tomorrow". The girls then decide to break out and start a new life. They get packed and sneak past Miss Grudge and Eva with help from Wendy the Kangaroo. They arrive at New York after stowing away on a cargo ship. The girls' actual view of America is not exactly what Olivia described, in which the streets are paved with asphalt, not gold, and problems are aplenty. The girls decide to take part in an audition, but that gets them nowhere. After many failures, they become waitresses while singing "Neutron Dance." After years of working, the girls are still poor and living in a park.

They decide to audition for a singing group in California. After some hard traveling on a bus, the girls make it to California, but they are too late. They try to get the auditioner to listen to them anyway, but must follow him. When they catch up to him, they sing "New Attitude," which in the original version of the episode, was also seen as their performing song at the beginning of the episode. This impresses the auditioner, who convinces his boss to give the Chipettes a recording contract, and thus their first big break.

Back in the present, the Chipettes go to the Chipmunks' party with Olivia. Olivia says that she is Alvin's biggest fan and wants him to tell her all about himself, which he instantly does.