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The Chipette Diaries is an Alvin and the Chipmunks DVD that was released on March 13, 2012.


Whether running for class president, homecoming queen or posing as globe-trotting fashion conscious detectives to catch a jewel thief, The Chipettes are clearly up for any challenge. Join Brittany, Jeanette and Eleanor as they join forces with Alvin and the Chipmunks in these fun, musical adventures.


(*) - denotes new release to DVD


  • This DVD is similar to The Chipettes DVD.
  • On this DVD cover, Eleanor has green eyes and Jeanette has purple eyes, even though they're in their 80's renditions, they use the same eye colors from the CGI films. The only Chipette to have the right eye color is Brittany.
  • The clothing on the Chipettes are slightly different, mainly for them to blend in with this current generation.
  • This DVD was released to iTunes on August 27, 2013.[1]


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