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The Chip-Punks is an episode of the Alvin and the Chipmunks series.


Thinking the group is "behind the time," Alvin solely decides to change The Chipmunks' clean-cut image to a punkier, more rebellious one in order to gain more publicity and entry into bigger gigs. Just as the boys are sneaking out the window, Dave receives a phone call from the mayor's wife informing Dave of that the mayor asked her to present good citizenship awards to the Chipmunks. Dave informs the Chipmunks about the honor, only to find their room empty and Theodore left a note saying they are at the Punk Palace. In shock, Dave wonders why the boys would go to a place that has a bad reputation in town, and rushes off to retrieve them. Simon and Theodore have second thoughts about changing their image when they see the customers at the Punk Palace, but perform their gig as agreed. Just as they finish their performance, they hear police sirens and think the Punk Palace is being raided. Sneaking out, they try to get back home, remorseful that they may get arrested. As they get home they see a squad car with lights on, but the policeman is not there to arrest the Chipmunks, but give Dave a citation for speeding, and remarks that the Punk Palace was calmer than usual, as Dave sped towards the Punk Palace then back home. They are met by the mayor's wife, who thinks their punk outfits are part of a masquerade, and gives the Chipmunks citations for being good citizens as they gained a reputation for good music without outlandish stunts.




  • A clip from the episode later appears in the episode Chipmunkmania.
  • They previously wore the same clothes in the intro sequence.
  • This is the first episode where Alvin does not wear his normal clothes, and he was seen in his punk outfit throughout the episode.


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