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The Brunch Club is an episode of The Chipmunks series.


During school, a statue of Thomas Edison somehow falls and crashes, leaving The Chipmunks and The Chipettes to be blamed by the principal, who locks them up in the library until the culprit confesses. When they begin arguing, Alvin attempts to make Brittany confess by scratching the chalkboard, which only hurts everyone else's hearing. When Jeanette blames Alvin, he blames Theodore, and the girls threaten Theodore with dieting shows and smelly gym clothes. Then they make a court scene. During the court of events, everyone tells what they did during the incident. Each one mentions something out of the ordinary happening. Alvin mentions he saw a basketball burning in the oven, which he took outside to hose off. Theodore mentioned he saw the locker room doors open, after he closed them. Brittany mentions she heard a bang in the auditorium, which caused her to accidently fire an arrow she was holding, with Eleanor confirming she saw the arrow fly out the window. Simon claims the ceiling in the art room sprung a leak, which he unsuccessfully tried to plug up. After hearing the confessions and events, everyone apologizes and goes to replay their events: Alvin and Brittany swing out using the flag lines. Simon goes through the book drop-off twice. Theodore goes through the ceiling and vents, crashing back into the showers. Jeanette and Eleanor hide in the trash can. What led to the statue breaking is as follows:

  1. Theodore was in the showers making a sauna, so he could be buff and muscular, and the steam caused the doors to open, and knock over a basketball.
  2. Alvin was in the school kitchen baking for Dave, due to the past incidents and mishaps from before, but the basketball bounces in the oven and melts, until Alvin takes it out to hose it down, but the smoke set off the fire alarm and sprinklers.
  3. Simon was in the art studio making a sculpture when the ceiling leaked again, from the upstairs sprinklers. As Simon tries to plug the leak, he falls off the stool, throwing an art tool.
  4. Brittany was in the auditorium practicing for the school play, when the art tool slams into a gong, surprising Brittany and making her shoot an arrow out a far window.
  5. Eleanor was also in the auditorium, but at the other end, auditioning for the lead or to lead like Brittany, when Brittany's arrow flies out the window, hitting the hose, turning it back on after Alvin dealt with the smoking basketball.
  6. With the hose back on, it goes wild and causes a trash can to roll into the statue and made it fall.

After causing the statue to collapse again, they realize they're all to blame. They tell the principal the truth, and she releases them from detention for their honesty, but they all have to work during the school play, to replace the statue. In the end, the play's a hit with both Brittany and Eleanor as the stars, with Theodore working his biceps by dealing with the curtains, while Alvin has a bakery stand and gets enough cash for a new statue. Simon then puts up a mini Jell-O statue up until the new replacement comes, until Alvin sprays it down with water.




  • This episode is based on the movie The Breakfast Club.
  • Simon is not usually very clumsy, though in this episode it's stated that he was voted "most likely to fall down."
  • This episode reveals Brittany has the lead part in every school play.
  • For some odd reason, Jeanette's the only one not tried in the trial. Her sisters, while the Chipmunks, were tried, she was always a jury. She was also a judge. Never the witness. But she "was" counted as guilty. So it is very suspicious why Jeanette was not questioned for her doings with the breaking of Thomas Edison's statue. And it seems Simon was wrong, because if Jeanette "was" guilty, they would have questioned her. Which none of them had done. They had each assumed Theodore, Alvin, Brittany, Simon and even Eleanor did it, but not her. This actually raises quite a few eyebrows since while everyone repeated what they previously did, Jeanette was nowhere to be found. Though she was seen jumping through the trash and windows with Eleanor, she made no appearance afterwards except in Miss Pinch's office after they figured out what happened. There's dispute about whether or not Jeanette was the one who actually broke the statue.
  • Jeanette's hair ribbon is yellow throughout this entire episode, normally it's purple.
  • Part of the Cinderella, Cinderella DVD.


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