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The App is an episode of the ALVINNN!!! and The Chipmunks series.


When Dave gets a parenting app to help supervise The Chipmunks, Alvin tries everything to escape its control.[3]


While Alvin and Simon are arguing about lyrics, Dave's phone starts sounding an alarm. They learn the noise is the result of a new app, the Home Harmonizer, useful for monitoring noise levels. Soon after, Dave sees an ad for an upgrade to the app (which is a flying drone that Alvin believes is a "robot death machine") allowing for more functional use in supervising the boys. Though Alvin is quick to want the app gone as it won't let him go to the skate park and forces him to do all his homework and chores, his brothers are benefiting from its presence. Alvin is later invited to a party, but Dave and Harmony (now upgraded to an adult human-sized robot) disagree. Tired of the app's control, Alvin turns off Harmony (really changing its mode) and sneaks out to the party. Harmony finds out, locks down the house, and rushes to retrieve "baby Alvin." When Harmony does, Alvin's embarrassed greatly. Dave only sends Harmony back to the factory under the promise Alvin will behave.




  • Alvin and Simon's argument at the start of the episode is a direct reference to the song "Witch Doctor."
  • The name of the girl in the strawberry dress was revealed by Annie as Tracy.
  • This episode and Don Juan Theodoro were the first episodes with under two million viewers in the US.
  • Part of the Driving Dave Crazy DVD.


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