The Amazing Chipmunks is an episode of The Chipmunks series.


At a carnival, Dave runs into a crook named Big Sigs Slocks who offers to be their road manager. After he declines, Dave goes on the merry-go-round while the boys visit a fortune teller (who's really Slocks). The fortune comes true (with the help of Slocks' trained chimpanzees) and Alvin and his brothers insist that Dave fly home to prevent further injury. Slocks offers to take The Chipmunks on the rest of their tour but changes the name of the group to "The Amazing Chipmunks" (a group of motorcycle performers), hires his chimpanzees as assistants, and demands 80% of the profits. While the boys perform, the chimpanzees raid the spectators' empty houses. A few towns over, Simon learns of the crime wave and who's responsible. Slocks flees with the gems and cash, but The Chipmunks and chimpanzees stop him and he's arrested. They all return to the Seville House to surprise Dave.




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