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The Chipmunks (60s version)

Simon, Alvin, and Theodore

The Alvin Show was a 1961 American animated television series featuring the singing characters Alvin and the Chipmunks, although a series with a similar concept, The Nutty Squirrels Present, had aired a year earlier. The series rode the momentum of creator Ross Bagdasarian, Sr.'s original hit gimmick and developed the singing Chipmunk trio as rambunctious kids - particularly the show's namesake star - whose mischief contrasted to (and usually exasperated) his tall, brainy brother Simon and his chubby, gluttonous brother Theodore, as well as their long-suffering, perpetually put-upon manager-father figure, David Seville. It lasted for one season in prime time on CBS [Wednesdays, 7:30-8pm Eastern], originally sponsored by General Foods (Jell-O, Post cereals), and initially telecast in black and white (color prints of the episodes were not seen until the series entered syndication in the fall of 1965).

The Show


The original chipmunks design.

CBS reran the series on Saturday mornings for a few years after the show's prime time run ended, and segments from the show were syndicated in the mid and late 1960s under the package title Alvin and the Chipmunks (this first syndicated package consisted of the individual show segments only, including the Alvin and Clyde Crashcup cartoons, and Chipmunk musical segments, not in the form of half-hour shows). The series later was revived on NBC-TV, again promoted under the title Alvin and the Chipmunks (with the introductory Alvin Show title card cut off the beginning of the show opening) Saturday mornings between March 10, 1979 and September 1, 1979. Ross Bagdasarian had died of a heart attack in January 1972, precluding any future Chipmunk activity. Years later, his son Ross, Jr. picked up on a disc jockey's joke and produced the hit Chipmunk Punk album in 1980, which spurred new interest for a brand new animated series with an updated look to The Chipmunks and David Seville (now voiced by Ross Bagdasarian, Jr.). In fall 1983, coinciding with the launch of Ruby-Spears' newly-produced Alvin and the Chipmunks series on NBC, The Alvin Show was again syndicated, this time by Viacom Enterprises. In 1990, The Alvin Show versions of the Chipmunks and Clyde Crashcup reappeared in an episode of The Chipmunks Go To the Movies entitled "Back to Our Future" (a spoof of the 1985 movie, Back to the Future). Nickelodeon picked up US broadcast rights to The Alvin Show sometime in 1994 and ran the episodes daily until early 1995. During this time, as well as for sometime after, the individual cartoons and musical segments were inserted into episodes of Weinerville. By the end of that year, however, Nickelodeon stopped showing The Alvin Show altogether and it has not been seen anywhere in the United States since then.

Clyde Crashcup

Aside from the seven-minute Chipmunk segments, in which Bagdasarian's David Seville was portrayed as a hapless bachelor who managed and mentored the three singing rodents, the show also had segments featuring a character called Clyde Crashcup (voiced by Shepard MenkenimpersonatingRichard Haydn's Edwin Carp character). Clyde was an inventor who essentially re-invented various items and took credit for dreaming it up in the first place. His "creations" often backfired on him until his silent, level-headed lab assistant, Leonardo (diminutive, balding, and perpetually whispering in Crashcup's ear) saved him from any further self-destruction.

Later Works

The Alvin Show was the first of the many Chipmunk TV series to come. Those shows include:

The First Song

This show was created four years after their highly successful first song, The Chipmunk Song. Though it is thought that Witch Doctor was their first song, The Chipmunk Song was the first due only to the fact that it was under the name Dave Seville as the artist and only contained one chipmunked voice.

The show was written, directed, and cast by Ross Bagdisarian Sr. to follow up their successful records.

The Characters

The Chipmunks were based off of people Ross worked with, and the original characters were originally realistic looking chipmunks but were changed to cartoons to "fit the times".


There are twenty-six episodes in The Alvin Show including Clyde Crashcup invention moments and 52 musical segments. Every episode had two musicals in them.

# Episode Title Musical #1 Clyde Crashcup Musical #2
1 Good Neighbor Buffalo Gals Invents Jokes America The Beautiful
2 Ostrich Mexico-the Brave Chipmunks Invents Self-Preservation Yankee Doodle
3 Squares Italy-oh, Gondaliero! Invents Glass I Wish I Could Speak French
4 Sam Valiant, Private Nose August Dear Invents the Chair Working on the Railroad
5 Overworked Alvin When Johnny Comes Marching Home Invents the West Swanee River
6 Alvin's Curse Old MacDonald-Cha, Cha, Cha Invents the Baseball Switzerland-the Magic Mountain
7 Alvin's Alter-Ego Japanese Banana Invents the Bathtub The Pidgin English Hula
8 Stanley the Eagle Stuck in Arabia Invents the Wife I Wish I Had A Horse
9 Fancy Chipmunk Fun Invents Flight Good Morning Song
10 Sam Valiant: Real Estate Alvin for President Invents the Baby Home on the Range
11 Dude Ranch Witch Doctor Invents the Stove Lilly of Laguna
12 Camping Trip Spain Invents Music Row, Row, Row Your Boat
13 Bentley Van Rolls Swing Low, Sweet Chariot Invents First Aid Comin' Thru' The Rye
14 The Whistler Coming Around the Mountain Invents Electricity Pop Goes the Weasel
15 Love Sick Dave If You Love Me (Alouette) Invents Egypt Maria from Madrid
16 Jungle Rhythm Alvin's Orchestra Invents the Bed The Little Dog
17 Theodore's Dog The Chipmunk Song Invents the Telephone Alvin's Harmonica
18 Hillbilly Son Three Blind Mice Invents Do-it-Yourself Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star
19 Little League Clementine Invents the Time Machine Sing A Goofy Song
20 Eagle in Love Bicycle Built For Two Invents the Shoe On Top of Old Smokey
21 Alvin's Studio Whistle While You Work Invents Physical Fitness Ragtime Cowboy Joe
22 Haunted House My Wild Irish Rose Invents the Ship The Band Played On
23 Sir Alvin Jeanie with the Light Brown Hair This is Your Life, Clyde Crashcup! Funiculi-Funicula
24 Good Manners Git Along, Little Doggies Invents the Birthday Party The Man on the Flying Trapeze
25 Eagle Music Polly Wolly Doodle Invents Self Defense Down in the Valley
26 Disc Jockey The Alvin Twist Invents Crashcupland While Strolling in the Park

Theme Song

The Chipmunks-The Alvin Show Theme Opening

The Chipmunks-The Alvin Show Theme Opening


The Chipmunks-The Alvin Show Closing

The Chipmunks-The Alvin Show Closing


Voice cast


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