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This template seeks to aid in navigation between two to eight song version sections on song pages. The template is added immediately after each version section header but before the section's video.
The template requires JavaScript within MediaWiki:Wikia.js (.cell-link) and CSS within MediaWiki:Wikia.css/template.css (.songtabs) to work and appear as intended.
{{SongTabs|Version 1|Version 2|Version 3|Version 4|Version 5|Version 6|Version 7|Version 8|nolink=#}}
The versions should be listed/linked in the order they are released in the franchise.
nolink is the only named parameter. The number to include is the version number of the section the tabs are included in in order to prevent an unnecessary cell link to the same version or a broken link.
Sample output
{{SongTabs|Film|[[#Film End Credits Version|Film End Credits]]|[[#Soundtrack Version|Soundtrack]]|[[#Video Game Version|Video Game]]|nolink=1}}
SongTabs Sample Output Example
This template requires code within Song Header (an anchor link to "Home") to work properly. The original version always links to this anchor as shown in the sample output.
This template is styled after the wiki's <tabber></tabber> tags.
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