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This template is for all special article pages.
This template requires JavaScript within MediaWiki:Wikia.js/star-ratings.js and CSS within MediaWiki:Wikia.css/template.css (.portable-infobox, .pi-image-collection, and .pi-theme-general-273) to work and appear as intended on non-mobile devices.



The following applies to every special page.

{{Infobox Special
|image1 = <file name only>
|special number = 
|celebration = 
|airdate = <full date: Template:Flag used here>
|company = <production companies>
|director = 
|producer = 
|writer = 
|music = 
|editor = 
|ID = <used on pages as described below>
|previous = <special link>
|next = <special link>


|title = <special name; only needed if article title uses "(special)">
|image1tab = <!-- keep blank --> <used when only one image is in infobox>
|image2 = <file name only>
|image3 = <file name only>
|image4 = <file name only>


The ID parameter should be used on all special pages. Do not add an ID to a page that currently has more than one rating as all ratings will be lost (If a page is moved, ratings will be lost if there is no ID). The entry should be a whole number over 100 not currently being used and needs to be recorded below. Once assigned, do not change ID numbers. Special order does not matter. Do not use any numbers in use for episodes, films, albums/soundtracks.

For a list of the numbers in use, click "Expand."

101.-220. Episode Numbers
221. A Chipmunk Christmas
222. I Love The Chipmunks Valentine Special
223. A Chipmunk Reunion
224. Cartoon All-Stars to the Rescue
225. Rockin' Through the Decades
226. Trick or Treason
227. A Chipmunk Celebration

228. The Easter Chipmunk
229.-258. Episode Numbers
259.-266. Film Numbers
267.-334. Episode Numbers
335.-347. Soundtrack Numbers
348.-392. Album Numbers
393.+ Episode Numbers

Sample output
{{Infobox Special
|image1 = ChipmunkssingingWonderfulDay.png
|image2 = Alvin Giving Away His Golden Echo Harmonica.png
|image3 = A Chipmunk Christmas.png
|special number = 1
|celebration = Christmas
|airdate = {{Flag|US}} 1981
|company = [[Bagdasarian Productions]]
|director = Phil Monroe
|producer = [[Ross Bagdasarian, Jr.]] <br /> [[Janice Karman]]
|writer = Janice Karman <br /> Ross Bagdasarian, Jr. <br /> Hal Mason
|music = Chris Caswell
|editor = Rich Harrison
|ID = 221
|next = [[I Love The Chipmunks Valentine Special]]
See also
{{Infobox Episode}}
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