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This infobox template is used for all album article pages.
This template requires File:No Image Available Logo.jpg and CSS within MediaWiki:Wikia.css/template.css (.portable-infobox, .pi-image-collection, and .pi-theme-general-273) to appear as intended on non-mobile devices.



The following applies to every album page.

{{Infobox CD
|front = <front cover art; file name only>
|rerelease = <front cover art; file name only>
|back = <back cover art; file name only>
|released = 
|original media = 
|other media = 
|label = 
|producer = 
|ID = <used on pages as described below>
|last = 
|next = 


If the album is also a soundtrack, add these parameters to the bottom of the parameter list.

|soundtrack = yes
|last soundtrack = 
|next soundtrack = 


The entry should be a whole number over 100 not currently being used and needs to be recorded below. Once assigned, do not change ID numbers. Album/soundtrack order does not matter. Do not use any numbers in use for episodes, specials, or films.

For a list of the numbers in use, click "Expand."

101.-220. Episode Numbers
221.-228. Special Numbers
229.-258. Episode Numbers
259.-266. Film Numbers
267.-334. Episode Numbers
335. A Chipmunk Christmas
336. Songs from Our TV Shows
337. The Chipmunk Adventure Soundtrack
338. Rockin' Through the Decades
339. Little Alvin and the Mini-Munks Soundtrack
340. Alvin and the Chipmunks Soundtrack
341. The Squeakquel Soundtrack
342. Chipwrecked Soundtrack
343. We're The Chipmunks
344. The Road Chip Soundtrack
345. Nuts 2 U
346. YOLO
347. (Future Soundtrack Number)
348. Let's All Sing with The Chipmunks
349. Sing Again with The Chipmunks
350. Around the World with The Chipmunks
351. The Alvin Show
352. Christmas with The Chipmunks
353. The Chipmunk Songbook
354. Christmas with The Chipmunks, Vol. 2
355. The Chipmunks Sing the Beatles Hits
356. The Chipmunks Sing With Children
357. Chipmunks à Go-Go
358. The Chipmunks See Doctor Dolittle
359. The Chipmunks Go to the Movies
360. The Very Best of The Chipmunks
361. Chipmunk Punk

362. Urban Chipmunk
363. Chipmunk Rock
364. The Chipmunks Go Hollywood
365. Chipmunk Mania
366. The Chipmunks 20 All Time Golden Greats
367. 'Munk Rock
368. The Chipmunk Songbook (1986)
369. The Chipmunks and The Chipettes: Born to Rock
370. Solid Gold Chipmunks
371. The Chipmunks Rock the House
372. Chipmunks in Low Places
373. The Chipmunks: Greatest Hits
374. The Chipmunks 35th Birthday Party
375. The Chipmunks Sing Alongs
376. Here's Looking at Me!
377. School's Out for Summer
378. A Very Merry Chipmunk
379. When You Wish Upon a Chipmunk
380. Club Chipmunk: The Dance Mixes
381. The A-Files: Alien Songs
382. The Chipmunks Greatest Christmas Hits
383. Greatest Hits: Still Squeaky After All These Years
384. Merry Christmas from The Chipmunks
385. Christmas with The Chipmunks (2006)
386. Greatest Hits: Still Squeaky After All These Years (2007)
387. Christmas with The Chipmunks (2008)
388. Undeniable
389. Christmas with The Chipmunks (2010)
390. Chipmunks Christmas
391. (Future Album Number)
392. (Future Album Number)
393.+ Episode Numbers

Sample output 1
{{Infobox CD
|front = Aroundtheworldwiththechipmunksoriginal.jpg
|rerelease = ChipmunksAroundTheWorld.jpg
|back = Around The World with The Chipmunks Vinyl Back Cover.png
|released = January 1, 1960
|original media = LP
|label = [[Liberty Records]]
|producer = [[Ross Bagdasarian, Sr.]]
|last = ''[[Sing Again with The Chipmunks]]''
|next = ''[[The Alvin Show (Album)|The Alvin Show]]''
Sample output 2
{{Infobox CD
|front = The Chipmunk Adventure Soundtrack.jpeg
|back = The Chipmunk Adventure LP.png
|released = 1987
|original media = LP
|label = Buena Vista Records
|producer = [[Ross Bagdasarian, Jr.]] & [[Janice Karman]]
|last = ''[['Munk Rock]]''
|next = ''[[The Chipmunks and The Chipettes: Born to Rock]]''
|soundtrack = yes
|last soundtrack = ''[[Songs from Our TV Shows]]''
|next soundtrack = ''[[Rockin' Through the Decades (Album)|Rockin' Through the Decades]]''

This template adds up to three categories to articles automatically: Albums, Soundtracks, and a label category based on text in the label parameter (also see Main Labels and Minor Labels).

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