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This infobox template is used for all book article pages.
This template requires CSS within MediaWiki:Wikia.css/template.css (.portable-infobox and .pi-theme-general-273) to appear as intended on non-mobile devices.
{{Infobox Book
|front = <front cover art; file name only>
|rerelease = <front cover re-release art; file name only>
|back = <back cover art; file name only>
|author = 
|published date =
|publisher = 
|length = <pages; number only>
|audio length = <minutes; number only>
|availability = 
|preceded = 
|followed = 
Sample output
{{Infobox Book
|front = The TV Chipmunks Book Cover.jpg
|rerelease = The TV Chipmunks 1984 Book Cover.jpg
|back = The TV Chipmunks Book Back Cover.jpg
|author = [[Janice Karman]] & [[Ross Bagdasarian, Jr.]]
|published date = October 12, 1983
|publisher = Random House
|length = 32
|audio length = 13
|availability = Paperback
|preceded = ''[[The Chipmunk Story (Book)|The Chipmunk Story]]''
|followed = ''[[The Chipmunks in Alvin Goes Wild]]''
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