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This template is the start of a pair of templates that create a three-column layout that accounts for the screen size of the viewer's device and automatically adjusts accordingly (if the device is too small for the three-column layout, one or two columns are used instead).
This template requires the concurrent use of {{Col-end-MCL}} and CSS within MediaWiki:Wikia.css/template.css (.MCL-3col) to appear as intended on all, including mobile, devices.
Sample output
*Text 1
*Text 2
*Text 3
*Text 4
*Text 5
*Text 6
  • Text 1
  • Text 2
  • Text 3
  • Text 4
  • Text 5
  • Text 6
This template is very useful in cases where there will be long columns and should be used for columns in articles within the main namespace.
See also
{{Col-2-MCL}}, {{Col-item-MCL}}, and {{Col-3}}
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