Tell It to the Judge is an episode of the Alvin and the Chipmunks series.


After Dave leaves for New York, Alvin "borrows" Dave's new bike, recalling a flashback when Dave ordered the bike and said Alvin was not to use it for long rides (but in the law according to Alvin, short rides are OK). While he is out riding he almost hits Brittany who is out roller skating, causing him to crash. The bike is ruined, and her skates are scratched. They both blame the other, and each demand the other pays for damages. Alvin comes home looking for a lawyer to sue but can't find one. Alvin decides that the only solution is Public Court, where Alvin and Brittany both fake injuries. They both ignore the "TRUTH" part in justice and face off in a "who can tell a better lie about what happened" court battle. Alvin's story is himself as a nerd obeying all bicycle laws to a "T", only to be kicked by a punk Brittany. Brittany's story is herself as a kindly girl delivering chicken soup to the ill when "Speedmonster Seville", a filthy version of Alvin on a motorcycle, chases after her when she declines a date from him.

The feigned injuries are exposed when Alvin causes Brittany to swoon over Don Johnson, then he himself chases after her! Unfortunately for Alvin, Dave was watching from New York. Back home, Alvin buys Dave a new set of handlebars to make up for damages, then sighs as Simon recites a checklist of bicycle parts Alvin has yet to acquire.




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