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Tattle Tail is an episode of the ALVINNN!!! and The Chipmunks series.


Alvin is so taken with a girl at school, that he agrees to look after her talking Mina bird. But when Alvin says something damaging, he worries the bird will repeat it to the girl and must find a way to keep the bird from blabbing.[3]


Alvin has planned a romantic date for Vanessa, a girl he's yet to ask out. Once he talks to her, he finds out that she would like to go with Alvin but Derek's already asked her. Back home, he rants about being compared with Derek so Theodore suggests he babysit Birdy, Vanessa's bird, to impress her. As soon as Alvin introduces Birdy to his brothers, he tries to give all responsibility to Theo, which Simon doesn't allow. The talking bird is quick to tattle on each of the boys: Theodore ate the last cookie, Simon's reading at night, and Alvin for not doing his chores. While Alvin does his chores, the girls watch over Birdy but quickly give him back for the same reason. Alvin, frustrated with the bird, tries to leave him alone only for Birdy to hate him. Not wanting the bird to report back to Vanessa with bad comments, Alvin gets advice from Simon and spends the whole day working to win him over through one-on-one time. Brittany ruins all his work with one comment and he resorts to hypnotism and rewiring the bird's imprint of him to fix the damage. Alvin finally gives up and returns Birdy. Fortunately, he tells Vanessa that Alvin likes her.





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