Tara-Marie is the main antagonist in the episode Snow Wrong.


Tara-Marie is a young freckled girl who has long brown hair tied in pigtails decorated with hair ribbons and bows.


Tara-Marie is bratty and throws temper tantrums when she doesn't get her own way shouting for her daddy.

She is also extremely selfish as she was determined to have the role of Snow white and would let no one stand in her way of her claim to fame which is why she tried to steal Brittany's part twice, firstly by removing her from the play. However, when she threw a tantrum her father laid down the law, saying he has invested too much in the play to have her mess it up, and reinstates Brittany. Tara-Marie then tries to foil Brittany again on opening night, by pretending to wish her well, only to trick her into going into the storage room and locking it, then lying to everyone that Brittany was overcome with stage fright. She gets her comeuppance when Brittany breaks free and appears on stage, working in character that the "Wicked Witch" disguised herself as Snow White, then douses her with mud and water.

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