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Talking Teddy's Revenge is an episode of the ALVINNN!!! and The Chipmunks series.


When Alvin thinks Theodore's teddy bear can tell the future, Alvin goes all out to make Talking Teddy his friend.[2]


Alvin and Simon meet Dave downstairs where they explain the object that says something about who they are; Simon has microscope while Alvin has the shirt he's wearing. Dave makes him pick something else, settling on his pajamas. Outside the school, Alvin discovers Theodore chose Talking Teddy, and to avoid humiliation, Alvin hides the bear in the bushes and gives Theo his pajama top to share. Miss Smith orders the two to redo the assignment as a result. When Theo retrieves his bear, he finds Anita has him and she shares an idea to change Alvin's mind about Teddy. Theodore introduces teddy's psychic ability at the Seville House, and once Alvin believes it's real, he begins spending more time with the bear. Interested in the information Teddy provides about Anita, Alvin agrees to take the stuffed animal to school and do five kind things a day. He bumps into Derek who lies about what Anita thinks about him and Teddy causing Alvin to throw the bear into the bushes, returning home without him. Alvin enlists Simon to help him find Teddy as he can't sleep though they are unable to locate Theo's bear. Miss Smith asks him about the item he's going to share the next day and he admits he lost it, saying a lot about him. Theodore and Anita reveal their deception to teach Alvin a lesson about not being insensitive towards others' feelings and Theo finds Teddy in the lost and found before Alvin takes him to go to the movies with Anita.





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