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Taken is an episode of the ALVINNN!!! and The Chipmunks series.


The boys' imaginations run wild as Dave disappears, when they find him they're convinced he’s a zombie.[2]




  • Goof: There were two instances where Dave's voice sounded the tiniest bit off, as if he were slightly sped up. Whether this was an accidental mishap during the editing process or elsewise is unspecified.
  • Dave running from the exploding cars in a suit is a reference to James Bond.
  • This episode has some similarities to the 80’s episode Nightmare on Seville Street.
  • During the fantasy vision with the zombie wolves, the music playing resembles the Darth Vader theme, "The Imperial March."
  • Dave saying "you picked the wrong house to rob!" might potentially be a reference to the famous quote "you picked the wrong house, fool!" from the 2004 action-adventure videogame, GTA San Andreas.
  • "Game Of Moans" is a direct reference to HBO's medieval-fantasy TV series, Game of Thrones.
    • This is the third episode of the series in which Game of Thrones is referenced. The first being It's My Party, and the second being Super Hot Chocolate.
      • Additionally, a Blue Runner is a parody of a White Walker, of which is a humanoid creature from an ice zombie horde known as "wights," which happens to also be from the aforementioned TV series.
  • The song was drastically cut short in the UK airing for unspecified reasons.


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