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Switcheroo is an episode of the ALVINNN!!! and The Chipmunks series.


When Theodore's teddy bear gets bear-napped, the boys work with Officer Dangus to get him back. [citation needed]


The Chipmunks exit a store with trading cards shortly before a man runs into a gum-covered Theodore. A shopkeeper claims he's a thief and the man grabs a dropped bag prior to being stopped by Officer Dangus. Dangus searches the bag, finding nothing stolen from Mr. Randall's store. At the Seville House, Theodore decides to shave his head instead of washing out the gum. Fine with losing his hair, it's not until he learns Teddy is missing, replaced with a bag of cash, does he become upset and pass out. The boys return the cash to the shopkeeper and enlist Officer Dangus's help once Lyle, the robber, contacts Theodore about meeting to trade Teddy and the cash. At the school, the officer provides Alvin with a wire and instructions. Alvin meets Lyle at the flagpole though things quickly go wrong when a dog destroys their cameras, causing Simon to give chase. Dangus attempts to replace them, but his mother calls about underwear. Theodore is left to read Alvin questions; unfortunately he loses them in the wind and damages the sound equipment with a root beer float. Theodore's questions annoy the robber enough to admit the crime and decide to kidnap Alvin. His younger brother appears in time to save him, jumping the man with hair clippers. Lyle is placed under arrest and Theodore reunites with Teddy before the dog suddenly carries Alvin away.




  • When Alvin and Simon are discussing their trading cards, the second one that Simon asks for is named Mothman, which may be a reference to an urban legend creature of the same name from Point Pleasant, West Virginia.
  • This is the second time Theodore has fainted after receiving some shocking news, the first is in the episode The New Kid from Season 2.
  • A sneak-peek was posted on Nicktoons UK.
  • The trading cards they have may be a reference to Pokemon.


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