Sweet Smell of Success is an episode of the Alvin and the Chipmunks series.


When Dave goes out fishing with his college roommate who is a King of Bulgravia, Alvin and Brittany attempt to make money by selling a special perfume. Even though Dave warned Alvin before he left that he wants no crazy schemes while he is a away. Simon and Jeanette make it and Theodore and Eleanor deliver it. In an attempt to market the perfume, Brittany gives some to the Queen of Bulgravia, the wife of Dave's former college roommate whom he went out fishing with. It ends up getting switched with a bottle of fish soup, and they quickly try to switch them back before the Queen notices. Unfortunately for the group, the Queen states that she doesn't like the perfume at their dinner but loves the soup instead. Alvin claims he made the soup and Brittany is jealous.




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