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Super Heroes is an episode of the ALVINNN!!! and The Chipmunks series.


When Theodore thinks he's a real superhero, Alvin and Simon have a tough time convincing him to leave the crime fighting to the professionals.[3]


Theodore is running around the house looking for crime when he meets Alvin who's unimpressed. Alvin offers Cackler advice on how to be a proper super hero, but is asked how he knows so Alvin pretends to be Dark Shadow. Though Alvin's disguise terrifies Theodore, he still wishes to be a super hero and convinces Alvin to teach him. Alvin has Theodore do all his chores, pretending it's training. Simon, annoyed with Alvin's mistreatment, confronts him and, despite Cackler's insistence, argues against attempting to teach Theodore to fight crime. Alvin forces Simon to be a villain who throws pies at the heroes. Theodore enjoys the experience, but his brothers insist that none of them are super heroes. Theodore refuses to give up and sets out alone to find some real crime. Meanwhile, Alvin finds a note and his brothers and Dave rush to find Theodore. A police car races by and stops at the Wax Museum, where Cackler followed a potential criminal. Inside, the policeman interrogates a cleaner and Theodore informs everyone he caught the real robber in the closet. A camera man from Action News shows up and the policeman encourages children to be the hero, to the shock of Dave and the cameraman. Back home, Simon gives Theodore a pile of fan-mail and Theodore offers to teach Alvin after a fan offers to be Cackler's girlfriend.





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