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Stanley the Eagle is an episode of The Alvin Show series.


The Chipmunks are bored so they decide to build a bird house which rather quickly invites an eagle who is nervous to learn to fly. Alvin makes it his personal goal to get him flying. Their first attempt fails when Stanley falls into a manhole. Though their second attempt is more successful, Stanley still needs assistance from the boys. When Dave finds out that Alvin is conditioning a wild eagle, he overreacts and calls the police. Finally, with enough confidence, Stanley takes off soon before the police arrive to take Dave away.


Musical Segments[]

Alvin in Oh, Gondaliero!
While in Italy, Dave and the Chipmunks decide to take a gondola. When Alvin interrupts the gondolier's singing, the two develop a grudge against each other (the gondolier called Alvin a mouse and later calls all of them mooses). After The Chipmunks sing, the gondolier loves them, though he cannot remember that they are chipmunks.
Alvin in I Wish I Could Speak French
While touring Paris by bike and answering trivia, Dave learns that Alvin separated himself from the group. Unknown to Alvin that he is asleep (though it appears he wakes up), he dreams of pretty French girls whom he wishes he could talk to and attempts to do just that. Meanwhile, Dave and his brothers look for him. They finally find him smiling as he continues to speak to the girls in his dream.

Clyde Crashcup Segment[]

  • Invents the Baseball
Clyde Invents the Baseball
Clyde's unhappy with modern man and believes that man should have release from work and stress. He decides to invent a game, so he invents the ball and the boot (bat) and calls it basicball (baseball). Leonardo tests the bat and ball inside, hitting Clyde with both and damaging everything in the room. Once outside, Clyde creates an arena and then invents the spectator. They create the bases (first, second, third, and fourth place) in a diamond (far from a diamond). Attempting to play, Clyde tells Leonardo to pitch the bat. Clyde later invents the umpire who tells Clyde to pitch the ball instead. When the umpire invents strikes, a fight between the umpire, Clyde, Leonardo, and the fan ensues.