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Sploosh is an episode of The Chipmunks Go to the Movies series.


An oceanographer's assistant called Trusty meets and falls in love with Montana who is a mermaid princess, but his fame-hungry boss Dr. Bubbles finds out. However, Trusty at first lies to Miss Dalia, a talk show hostess, and Dr. Bubbles that the mermaid got away, making both of them cry. However, Trusty had actually hidden Montana inside his lifeboat under a towel. Soon, Trusty takes Montana to a shopping mall to change her outfit and to a baseball game while a Chipmunk-version of "Oh, Pretty Woman" is played.

Soon Montana is captured by the evil scientist Dr. Bubbles and Miss Dalia who both have selfish plans of revealing her to the world to gain fame and fortune. Miss Dalia tries to interview Montana, but she is completely speechless and shy. Miss Dalia starts to realize that Montana is actually withering away because she has been separated from the sea for almost too long. She agrees to help Trusty break her out. Dr. Bubbles learns of this and tries to thwart them, but he is foiled and loses his shot at fame. Trusty returns Montana to the sea but decides to live with her. Years later, Trusty, who is now a merman, marries Montana in an elaborate underwater ceremony.



Behind the Scenes[]

  • This episode was based on the 1984 film Splash with Tom Hanks and Daryl Hannah. Simon playing Trusty is a parody of Allen Bauer played by Tom Hanks and Princess Montana is a parody of Madison played by Daryl Hannah.
  • This is the second episode to parody a film in which Tom Hanks played the lead role. The first being Bigger!, where Hanks' role was played by Alvin.
  • Dr. Bubbles is mostly based on Kornbluth from the film Splash. However, unlike Kornbluth, Dr. Bubbles was an evil greedy character throughout the episode and was the main antagonist. Kornbluth came to realize that he is hurting the mermaid and later aids Allen in freeing her.
  • Montana had objected to Dr. Bubbles on trying to cook lobsters to eat them, feeling sympathetic to them. However, this is a complete opposite trait of the character Madison in the 1984 film Splash whom Montana parodies. Madison in one scene is eating buttered lobster at a restaurant.
  • This episode is Alvin's favorite.
  • At the end of the episode, it is revealed that Theodore was crying because of the wedding, establishing the fact that Theodore always cries at weddings.
  • This was considered one of the most sought-after episodes because of its failure to air more than a few times before the show was taken off the air and since it was almost impossible to find. Despite popular rumor though, Simon and Jeanette never kissed. They came close but were interrupted by Dr. Bubbles.
  • Goof: As Jeanette jumps over the fence to stop the two football players fighting, she can be briefly seen with legs.
  • Part of The Valentines Collection DVD.