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Special Delivery is an episode of the ALVINNN!!! and The Chipmunks series.


When Simon and Alvin realize that Theodore has been mailed off in a box, they must do whatever it takes to get him back before dinner.[1]


Dave calls The Chipmunks downstairs to tell them he's going out to play golf and a babysitter is going to watch them. Once the sitter arrives and sees the boys, she runs in terror. Dave gives them reasons for needing someone to watch them but is reminded that those things happened under his watch. Trusting the boys to behave, Dave goes golfing while the brothers play Frisbee in the backyard. Theodore overthrows his disk into Miss Croner's window and, in the process of retrieving it, must hide from the old lady. Once she falls asleep, Alvin and Simon discover the box Theodore hid in was the one given to the mailman. With the help of a neighborhood girl they catch up to the mail truck and remove the box they believe Theodore's in only to find a gnome instead. Theo's box falls out of the truck as it drives through town only to be picked up by a raven. The older brothers follow the raven to its nest, with the assistance of Officer Dangus, unbeknownst that Theodore fell out. Meanwhile, the same girl that helped catch the mail truck finds the green-clad chipmunk and convinces him to play house before taking him home. Sulking, Alvin and Simon spot their brother riding in the girl's bike basket. They all catch a ride arriving home just ahead of Dave. When asked about the bows in Theodore's hair, they tell Dave they performed a play for themselves before Alvin's hit from the Frisbee they left in Miss Croner's house.




  • Goof: Janice Karman was credited for directing the episode twice: before and after the titlecard.
  • Theodore was first seen with bows in his hair in Sister Act.
  • A sneak-peek clip was released on
  • When this episode premiered in the US, it aired with a rerun of The Music Box.


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