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Something's Fishy is an episode of the ALVINNN!!! and The Chipmunks series.


When Alvin and Simon think Theodore's pet goldfish has died, they go all out to replace it before he notices.[1]


When Theodore wins a dart game at the Funville Fair, he is rewarded with a goldfish which he names Henry. That evening at the Seville House, Theodore reads Henry a bedtime story before the boys reluctantly wish him a goodnight. The next morning, Alvin and Simon notice Henry facing belly up in his bowl and fear how Theodore would take the news. They try to bring Henry back to life using electricity, but it ultimately fails, causing Henry to fly across the room so they end up holding a small memorial before flushing him down the toilet. Alvin goes back to the dart game booth at the Funville Fair to win a new goldfish while The Chipettes distract Theodore with food and entertainment. Unfortunately, when Alvin's bribes for a fish don't work and he does eventually win he only gets a plush elk, as all the fish were already given away. Luckily Jeanette had gone to the pet store to buy a new fish. That night, Alvin and Simon wake up to a sound from the bathroom and are scared into believing they have seen a fish monster. Dave dismisses the fish monster believing it to be a nightmare, but after he leaves, Alvin and Simon follow a trail of spilt water outside to find it. Alvin tackles the monster, and as it turns out the fish monster was only Theodore in a costume trying to prank them. Theodore explains he knew all along that the goldfish he won at the fair was only a plastic toy and that he's grateful to have a real one, which he names Henry II. The next morning, Dave goes into the bathroom to unclog the toilet and finds the plastic goldfish.




  • Goof: The blue wire is on the back side of the fish bowl from both Alvin and Simon's perspective.
  • Alvin's line "All drains lead to the ocean." is a reference to the film Finding Nemo.
  • When this episode premiered in the US, it aired with a re-run of Spoiler-Itis.


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