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Some Entrancing Evening is an episode of the Alvin and the Chipmunks series.


When The Chipmunks tell Dave he will be on the show This Is Your Father, he faints. The boys take him to a magician who gives Dave Alvin's personality to make it through the show without being nervous. Not long after they leave Dave is given a ticket for j-walking before he steals the policeman's motorcycle. Alvin calls the nightclub to have Dave changed back, but the magician is out of town. Concerned for Dave, the boys attempt to change him back with a potion, hypnotism, and a scare with no avail. While the show is airing, Dave sneaks out of his room and crashes the show. Alvin says "cut" and Dave becomes himself again only to soon faint again.



  • "Dear Old Dave" (modified) originally "Good Old Desk", performed by Harry Nilsson


  • This is Your Father is a spoof of the classic Ralph Edwards documentary television series, This is Your Life.
  • The host, Edward Ralphs, is a parody of Edwards himself.
  • A clip from the episode later appears in the episode Alvin in Analysis.