Snail-A-Palooza is an episode of the ALVINNN!!! and The Chipmunks series.


Alvin lies to Theodore about a fake holiday to get out of chores, so Dave forces Alvin to make the holiday real.[2]


Alvin crushes a box before becoming entrapped in one, frightening Theodore. Dave tasked him to break down the boxes, but Alvin would rather be doing something else so he makes up Snail-a-Palooza, a holiday dependent on brothers helping each other, to get Theo to finish the boxes. Simon informs Dave who confronts Alvin, making him make the holiday a reality. Alvin attempts to get The Chipettes to help though only Jeanette shows interest in discussing details of Snail-a-Palooza and the snail that represents the day. Jeanette works into the evening creating the holiday's by-laws, presenting them to Alvin who in turn leaves them to her as he's determined not to help. She confronts him for his selfishness before storming out. As Alvin sleeps Walter, the Glorious Snail visits him to show Alvin how bad an example he is setting for Theodore through journeys to Snail-a-Palooza present and Snail-a-Palooza future. In the present Alvin sees how upset his younger brother is once he learns Walter never arrived, thinking he's been bad. In the future he accepts he's a bad child, blaming Alvin for breaking the window and TV. Walter shows Alvin the land of Snail-a-Palooza before turning on him, trapping him in his shell. Theodore wakes him up from the dream and Alvin sets out to decorate the house after tucking Theo back in. When Theodore wakes him up again, everything is decorated and everyone gets a present. Alvin informs Dave he's gonna need a large check for the marching band and circus performers leading Dave to yell "ALVINNN!!!"




  • Alvin listens to the season one song "The Weekend" at two different points during this episode: when he is sitting in a lawn chair in the backyard and when Jeanette hands him a stack of papers.
  • Walter, the Glorious Snail showing Alvin the future is a reference the 80s episode Merry Christmas, Mr. Carroll.
  • Eleanor's skeleton mask from Switch Witch can be seen in the box of Halloween decorations.
  • Some of the Christmas decorations from the song montage in the episode The Fugitives can be seen.
  • A sneak-peek was posted on Nicktoons UK.


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