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Slippin' Thru My Fingers is an episode of the ALVINNN!!! and The Chipmunks series.


Dave can't help but notice that his three little Chipmunks are growing up and becoming independent. Anxious to spend more time with them, he only ends up suffocating them. In order to get Dave off their backs, the Chipmunks decide to find him a new girlfriend.[3]


After Dave attempts to set Alvin's clothes out, Theodore, concerned for his well-being, leaves to sleep in Dave's room. The next day, Dave waits with them at the bus stop and runs after them waving, to their disapproval. Bored with the boys gone, Dave joins Julie to sing a birthday song at school for her son. Embarrassed by Dave's actions, the boys hide in a box and have him pick them up at the side of the school. Dave later attempts to help them with their homework, only to irritate Alvin. Hoping to give themselves a break, the boys host a speed date hoping to get Dave a girlfriend, which is a disaster leading them to fake Dave asking Julie to a date. On their date, Julie reveals to Dave that he's a "smother mother." Seeking to give the boys more space, Dave pretends he is going on a date each night, but is really parked at Julie's where he reads until he falls asleep dreaming about the boys as babies. Once they can't stand Dave leaving anymore, they pretend Theodore is sick to keep him home. Glad he's staying home, Alvin pressures Dave to reveal his secret for getting all his dates, only to frustrate Dave.




  • The episode name may be inspired by ABBA's single "Slipping Through My Fingers."
  • This episode has similarities to the 80's episode Middle-Aged Davey.
  • The lowercase 'a' on Alvin's shirt during the song montage could be a reference to Little Alvin and the Mini-Munks.
  • Alvin describes one of his "A" shirts as being "so 80's," referencing the 80's series.
  • When Dave and Julie are singing "The Birthday Song," it is sung in the same tune as "The Chipmunk Song (Christmas Don't Be Late)."
  • The scene where the Chipmunks use software to make their voices lower to sound like Dave is ironic given that Ross Bagdasarian voices both Dave and (editing his voice to a higher pitch) Alvin and Simon.
  • Simon's voice converter also appears in Mancave.
  • Vanessa Bagdasarian is seen pictured as speed date number five.
  • Logan's name is mentioned several times throughout the episode despite him not actually appearing in it (he wouldn't be revealed until Mancave).
  • Storyboards for this episode show that during Dave's dream sequence, The Chipmunks were supposed to be much smaller as babies, but the final cut uses their full size animation models wearing baby clothes.
  • Goof: When Dave asked Theodore if he needed help with his Spanish homework Theodore had his notebook is closed, but in the next shot his notebook is open again.
  • A sneak peak clip was released on in the US.
  • When the episode premiered in the US, it aired with a rerun of Albrittina.
  • Part of the Driving Dave Crazy DVD.



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