Sing Again With The Chipmunks-The Chipmunks

Sing Again With The Chipmunks-The Chipmunks

"Sing Again With The Chipmunks" is an original song by The Chipmunks featuring Dave and is part of the Sing Again with The Chipmunks and Greatest Hits: Still Squeaky After All These Years albums.


Come on Chipmunks!
We're gonna sing again for the people so let's let 'em hear it.
Let's go!

The Chipmunks:
Come on and sing again
Have a fling again
Sing a song along with the Chipmunks
We'll have lots of fun with the songs you know
Join right in, be part of the show
Come on and smile with us
Spend a while with us
We're the Chipmunk brothers three

I'm Simon

I'm Theodore

And I'm Alvin
That little dear Seville is here

The Chipmunks:
Get ready, here we go
Hope you like the show
The whole production is for you

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