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Simsky is an episode of the ALVINNN!!! and The Chipmunks series.


Simon shockingly discovers he has been tagging private property in his sleep and his actions inspire a group of copycats.[2]


A mysterious figure sprays paint in the night prior to morning at the Seville House. Trying to be on time for school, Dave hollers for The Chipmunks but Simon fell asleep in his lab. Alvin wishes to be late to avoid a math test, however, Theodore speaks too loudly waking Simon who rushes out the door. At school, Simon reveals he's working on a universal stain remover just as they walk up to a group of students admiring the graffiti art around the school's entrance. Vowing to catch the criminal, Simon installed cameras in hotspots to catch whoever's responsible. Simon and Theodore fall asleep during their surveillance only to learn in the morning that the vandal has tagged three more walls. During the news report, Officer Dangus promises to place the individual responsible behind bars. Simon reviews the footage from the night before while Alvin retrieves The Chipettes only to learn he is the culprit. When everyone arrives to see the tapes, Simon tries to convince them they "blew up," but Jeanette messes with the controller and they all see a rebel Simon on the screen. Instead of allowing Simon to turn himself in, The Chipettes tie him to his bed; unfortunately more walls are tagged by a number of copycats. In order to permanently solve the problem, Simon continues and finishes his work on the universal stain remover while the girls scare off the copycats. Simon uses the solution on one of the tags, but Officer Dangus arrives to arrest them. Luckily the tag disappears and they are released. Hoping to make a fortune, Alvin tries convincing Simon to paint on paper instead.




  • Simsky is a pun on Banksy (an anonymous graffiti artist from England).
  • Simon is the fourth character in the series to be tied up with the Chipettes' ribbons. The first three were Dave in Sister Act, Alvin in Family Spirit, and the Australian skateboarder in Candy Confessions.
  • Jeanette's pet spider, Mr. Snugglepet, makes his first reappearance since the season one episode Driving Dave Crazy.
  • This episode confirms Simon is a sleep walker.
  • Miss Smith is seen walking a dog that looks similar to the one Officer Dangus had in Prank Calls to search for The Chipmunks. She also refers to the dog as Turly.
  • A sneak peek clip was uploaded to


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